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Tuition and scholarships

We are proud of our independence, which enables us to develop our programmes based on the needs of our students without any restrictions in the rapidly changing world. Engame Academy is a private education institution, that requires tuition fees on all programmes. However, making our Academy affordable to those who wish to attend remains an important goal. We are fortunate to be able to provide scholarships for students with demonstrated need and outstanding academic performance.


Our tuition fees

We see education an investment that always pays off. The high school years are critical in a youngster’s life: this is the period when students become inspired to learn and motivated to succeed, and important study, social and emotional skills are established. Our graduates are curious, inspired students who are well-prepared for life’s challenges and get accepted to the finest universities around the world.

Our tuition fee for all our academic years is 650.000 HUF.

Our scholarships

In the 2018/19 academic year one third of our students attend the programme with partial scholarships covering 20-90% of their tuition fees.

Accepted students with demonstrated need or outstanding academic performance are eligible to receive a partial scholarships, in which case the Engame Academy shall cover part of yearly tuition fees.

  • Need-based scholarships: based on the financial need of the student and their family
  • Merit-based scholarships: based of the student’s academic performance and competition results.


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