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Developing language skills at Engame Academy

It is undoubtable that active, practical foreign language knowledge is a vital skill in the 21st century. Higher education institutions (in Hungary or abroad), the job market, the world of the internet and the globalizing culture all require us to be able to express ourselves in an articulate way and not only on our mother tongue. 

Each programme of Engame Academy takes place in English or German. This way our students get familiar with the advantages of a foreign language environment, and they acquire proficient language knowledge adaptable for both everyday situations and for a professional environment.

Why is practical language knowledge important?

In private and public education, language tuition is mostly considered to be an individual subject, and it is often decontextualized and alienated from everyday usage. As much as grammar is important for correct language usage, making grammar and theory the focal point of language teaching is rather uninspiring for students. Furthermore, it does not provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary for an applicable language knowledge.

Our philosophy is to look at languages as communication tools instead of treating them as separate subjects in order to most efficiently promote the language skills of the students. For this reason, we only communicate with our students in foreign languages during our interactive workshops, and they are required to participate in this spirit. Thanks to the foreign language environment prevailing within the Academy and the continuous, active language usage, language knowledge is present as a skill and as a communication tool. Not only is the language acquired in the aforementioned way more abiding, but the learning process is a lot quicker and more efficient.

Language improvement at Engame Academy

Along with orientation and skill building, the improvement of language knowledge is one of the main goals of our programmes. Since all of our programmes are taking place in English, the language knowledge of our students progresses continuously from one week to the next: our goal is for them to be able to get by in any situation, formal or informal, anywhere in the world.

  • English language programmes: The core program consists of interactive workshops in foreign languages, while we provide our students with a practical language knowledge. Communication in the target language becomes spontaneous. During the continuous discussions and teamwork, our students begin to think in English and express themselves with confidence on a wide variety of topics.
  • International teachers: Our teachers and visiting scholars obtained their degree or teaching experience from many different parts of the world. This allows them to prepare our students for the potential challenges of a foreign language environment. Their different dialects and idiolects provide familiarity with understanding the languages in question even more broadly.

Language clubs: In our first two years (Freshman and Sophomore), we offer an additional opportunity for our students in order to progress their language knowledge: we organize an English club, where they can focus on reading, writing, online communication an accurate pronunciation, with the aid of a qualified English teacher.

Language improvement in the Senior year

The improvement of language knowledge is particularly important for our students before the matura exam, since this year is dedicated to their preparation for their application to foreign universities. Starting from the following year, they will have to get by in a fully foreign language environment both for their studies and for their everyday life.

For the purpose of preparing them for their university studies, we pay particular attention to the development of academic writing skills that conform to the anglo-saxon traditions used in the higher education system abroad. In addition, we are also working on oral communication as well (ex: presentations, professional vocabulary).

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