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Progressive teaching methods

For young people in the 21st century frontal-style teaching and the dominance of lexical knowledge in traditional education gradually loses its relevance. This occurs due to the fact that the students - with their mobile devices - are always one click away from all of the information and data available on the internet. These new circumstances made it vital to embrace a new perspective and base education on skills and competences.

Throughout the development of the curriculum of Engame Academy we are constantly inspired by modern international pedagogical methodologies and good practices. Theme based teaching known from the Finnish education system, different skill-building courses, continuous bilateral feedback and project based learning are all implemented in our programme.


At Engame Academy, instead of the primacy of lexical knowledge, we are equipping our students with a versatile skillset. The skills improved during our programmes will give them an asset not only during their university studies, but also from their first job and throughout their entire life.

During our programme we build on the knowledge acquired in the secondary school, and we help our students to mobilize this knowledge in order to see the interconnections and examine the world with a critical eye.

In our programmes, we are working especially on the following skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • Critical thinking
  • Research and information analysis
  • Debate
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Project design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Feedback and reflection
  • Social awareness

Theme based education

The application of a theme based education at Engame Academy means that instead of focusing on a school subject while transmitting information, we examine an ordinary phenomena (for example: sport, food, music) from various aspects. In other words we use an interdisciplinary approach so that different disciplines are handled in a close relation to each other. During the Sophomore year, we deal with one topic in each of the four terms that are approached from different perspectives every week.

Through theme based education we help to improve our students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills as they encounter problems and issues in lifelike situations. Beyond this, they work as a team articulating and answering questions together. By understanding and putting various information elements together, students can build a holistic knowledge and mentality.

onkentes hazifeladatok

Evaluation and feedback

We are aware that personal attention and feedback are key factors in students’ effective progress and talentcare. Instead of grading the performance of the students, at Engame Academy we apply the educational version of the 360 degree evaluation system used in the business sector. Thus we can exceed the traditional teacher-student hierarchical assessment.

At Engame Academy not only the teachers give feedback to students but students assess themselves, their peers and their teachers as well. Through this, students’ self-reflection, self-awareness and critical thinking can improve and they will acquire a positive feedback culture.

Project based learning

In the last academic term we focus on putting acquired knowledge, skills and inspiration into practice. Our students choose an individual or group project in line with their interests that they design and realise with the help of a mentor during the summer.

These projects offer a great opportunity for students to try themselves in a field that they are interested in which is useful from many aspects: supporting their orientation, developing skills (for example: research, time-management, interpersonal, decision making skills etc.). Besides this, students are inspired by the fact that they are not given an assignment to do but can deal with a project that they really like and feel motivated about.

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