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Studying abroad

The opportunity to study abroad is a viable option for a growing number of Hungarian students. Currently, more than ten thousand Hungarian students are studying in higher education institutions in Western Europe and overseas. Finding the most suitable options among the numerous universities, programs, education systems and entry requirements can sometimes be a real challenge.

Where and in what fields are Hungarian students studying?

The most popular places for higher education are in Western Europe, and many students continue their studies at one of the top 100 universities in the world. The United Kingdom, Austria and Germany are the most common destinations, accounting for more than half of the Hungarian students studying abroad. Next on the list are the Dutch, Danish and French universities, while the most popular overseas destination is - unsurprisingly - the United States.

In terms of programmes, the most popular fields are Economics, Business, Engineering, Social- and Behavioral sciences. An international perspective, the most current research and methodology is especially important in these fields, making them even more attractive for Hungarian students.

Why are universities abroad so attractive?

The best foreign universities provide excellent opportunities for Hungarian students: they can learn from renowned professors, using the most modern literature and methodology, supported by well equipped labs and libraries. This, combined with an exciting, multicultural, foreign language environment further boosts the opportunities for growth, resulting in gains both personally and professionally.

The Western European and overseas education systems are characterized by a student-centered approach: there is an emphasis on personal attention, students work in small groups, while the teachers provide constant support to foster growth in their chosen fields. Universities provide active help in finding the subfields that are most suitable and provide the best opportunities, and in many cases they provide help with entering the labor market.

A diploma acquired from an internationally acclaimed university provides a great advantage both in the Hungarian labor market and abroad for career entrants, resulting in better, more exciting positions and higher starting salaries offered.



How does Engame Academy help with finding the appropriate university, and with the application process?

During our Senior year, we help our students find the most fitting fields, programs and universities, and after that, we guide them through the application process. We lift a substantial burden from their shoulders, as questions of orientation are already rather demanding when choosing a program in Hungary that is taught in Hungarian. When preparing to study abroad, students need to make a choice from a vast variety of options, taking into consideration multiple aspects: personal interests, prior experience, financial issues, prospects after acquiring the diploma, and so on.

Mentors at Engame academy who are guiding our students on this path are experienced in foreign higher education, from the students’ or the teachers’ side. Through regular face-to-face meetings, their job is to help students pick the most suitable programs at the most fitting universities, to introduce and explain the entry requirements, and to help them prepare and submit all the application materials with continuous feedback.

In addition to the coaching of the individual mentor, there are also group activities through which the skills and competencies necessary for a successful academic life are developed. We focus on academic writing, research skills, conscious profile building and interview skills.

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